Meet Zymal: Pakistan’s Youngest Social Entrepreneur

At just 9 years old, Zymal Umar is already an experienced social entrepreneur. The idea was borne from seeing plastic bags strewn in the streets and having learned about environmental pollution in school, she was aware of how much damage plastic waste can cause to the environment. Whilst shopping with her parent, she saw a shopkeeper using newspapers to hand out things to people and that inspired her to start Zee Bags.

Zee Bags produce bags handmade from newspaper and decorated with flowers and colourful stones by Zymal herself. She has sold hundreds of bags so far and her profits are used to buy essential items for children from the local SOS Village and other charitable foundations.

She hopes to inspire others and to make Zee Bags a global project. Her efforts have been recognised by several notable figures and organisations including the Federal Secretary of Education in Pakistan and the Prince Abdul Aziz Award for Children Pioneers – Ecopreneur.

Source: Tech in Asia and Hulu Magazine

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