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5 Awkward Moments Coming Your Way at University

We’re well into Fresher’s Week now and you’re probably getting all geared up for lectures and tutorials! College and university is always a ball, isn’t it just? For those who’ve been through it, you’ll be familiar with some of the baffling questions and sticky situations that this new world brings. So, as well as the 5 tips we’ve recently offered up, we thought we’d throw in a few awkward moments that we’re sure you’re going to enjoy(!)

1. When you’re about to jump out of your seat and your dress / jilbab gets stuck on the edge of the desk.


2. When someone invites you to go raving with them.


3. When a guy asks you to demonstrate how you styled your scarf (if you wear one)…


4. …and then your scarf decides to go flying off with the wind anyway.



5. When you decide to join a sports team but you’re totes not ready.


The truth is, little uncomfortable moments are bound to be mixed in with all the excitement of getting used to a new setting with new people. There are loads of nervous little beings out there, so do not fear. Sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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