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Fatima Zaman: The Girl with a Plan

Muslim girls making waves and showing the world how it’s done – that’s what we’re all about! And there is one girl who’s recently popped up on our radar that we’re delighted to tell you about. Fatima Zaman. 

Fatima Zaman is the 23-year-old who’s taking the media by storm through her work for the Kofi Annan Foundation. This East London activist is all about fighting extremism and making sure British Muslims feel part of the action in the UK. 

A confident young woman and a great public speaker, Fatima’s work focuses on ways of  countering extremism and discrimination. With a solid background as a civil servant, Fatima was selected by the Kofi Annan Foundation and became the UK representive of a global movement of young people against extremism called Extremely Together. And boy is she doing a good job!  

When asked about her passion for this cause, Fatima said; “Violent extremism is not a problem for Muslims alone; it is an inter-generational problem that requires a multi-lateral and community approach.” Her main goal is to stop young people from becoming victims of extremists by fighting back against the negative and focusing on the positives of being young, British and Muslim in a country that respects diversity.  

Fatima believes society and the media should work hard to “drown out extremism by amplifying the voices of reason using positive stories to defeat extremism” and that “Britishness” is totally compatible with Islam. We couldn’t agree more! 

We’re going to be seeing a lot more of our Fatima on the world stage!

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