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Artist, Amaal Nuxx tributed song “Last Ones” to Somalia Drought

There’s been a drought in East Africa for some time now that’s mainly hit the horn of Africa (Somalia). A majority of the population are subsistent farmers and therefore cannot grow crops or live their nomadic lifestyle any longer. Many women and children have been forced to flee out of the affected areas and some have even travelled across the borders to Kenya and refugee camps in Ethiopia. It’s a very dangerous trip for most, but people have been left with no choice but to resort to these extremes measures.

Somali Diaspora have fundraised along with many influential people on Social Media e.g, #lovearmyforsomalia @Jerome Jarre & @Funforlois. Amaal Nuxx the Canadian Somali Artist also flew out along with other influential people to aid in the assistance at the refugee camps. Amaal who is a Somali refugee from Canada (Toronto) has also tributed a song called ‘The Last Ones’. Nuxx’s song is very inspirational and she is a great example of someone who is using her strong platform to inspire and open the minds of others. The mainstream media haven’t showcased the atrocities in Somalia but Social Media has. As a result, more than £2.5million has been raised from the #LOVEARMY appeal and even @TurkishAirlines sent a plane filled with rations as a result of the attention on Social Media. This is very inspirational and it’s people like this that help make the world a better and more inclusive place. Check out Amaal’s song comment & share this post!! If your looking to get involved with the movement then donate to the various Go Fund Me pages and spread the word to your friends. #Supersisters #Lovearmyforsomalia #weouropen #humanity

Turkish Airline to send of Cargo Plane of food.

    Turkish Airline to send of Cargo Plane of food.



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