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Female Genital Mutilation – My experience & the Stigmas in Somaliland

On a recent trip I visited Somaliland. It’s defined as the ‘self-declared state’ and autonomous region of Somalia and to many people it’s not a country but just a “made up” location, where the capital city, Hargeisa, is home to over 3.5 million people. I travelled throughout Somaliland from the capital to the nearby towns and


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Escaping the bonds of human trafficking: Pamela’s Story

When Pamela accepted an offer from a neighbour’s friend to help her go to Italy, she thought she was accepting a chance for a brighter future. She was 21, and the promise of a job in Europe was an attractive option to the limited prospects in her native Nigeria. She was introduced to a man


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This Letter Proves Why We All Need to Care for one Another

At Super Sisters, we know our readers are a caring and understanding group. You look out for friends, classmates and family no matter their views, religion or appearance – just as most people do – and you wouldn’t judge someone for the way they look at the world. Sadly, there are some who do hold


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Don’t Stress! How to get Through Your Exams this Summer

The first thing to remember about exams is this: They are not the most important thing in the universe. While they may help you get a place at college or university, the world isn’t going to end if you don’t make the grade (even if it feels like it might). A bad mark doesn’t guarantee


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The Tough Stuff: Expressing my Muslim identity

Hands up – we’ve all been caught with a foot in the sink at school doing wudu or carrying around that water bottle that your friend wants to take a swig out of. We get it, things can get a little uncomfortable sometimes, and we’ve all struggled trying to explain these situations to others! In


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The Tough Stuff – Super Sister Answers Your Questions

Got a question or a problem you just can’t find an answer to? Worried about something but not sure who to talk to? No matter what it is, we try and help you with the everyday issues you might be facing. In this series, our resident Super Sister will answer your questions.  You asked: My