Black History Month – 3 Exhibitions To See Before The End Of The Month

I spent a whole day visiting some galleries and exhibitions around London; all three were based around the theme of Black History and African Art. I took lots of photos of the exhibitions I visited so check them out. The first and second galleries were located in West London & the last in North West


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5 Awkward Moments Coming Your Way at University

We’re well into Fresher’s Week now and you’re probably getting all geared up for lectures and tutorials! College and university is always a ball, isn’t it just? For those who’ve been through it, you’ll be familiar with some of the baffling questions and sticky situations that this new world brings. So, as well as the


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The Muslim Women Media Takeover in 2015

2015 was the year of the Muslim woman. Everywhere you looked, it seemed that more and more Muslim women were being recognised and being covered by mainstream media. Here are 2 women who you should already know about and if not, you definitely will shortly!