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The Tough Stuff – Super Sister Answers Your Questions

Got a question or a problem you just can’t find an answer to? Worried about something but not sure who to talk to? No matter what it is, we try and help you with the everyday issues you might be facing. In this series, our resident Super Sister will answer your questions. 


You asked:

My best friend has been acting weird for about 3 months now. We used to always hang out at lunch times at school – cracking jokes and watching YouTubers. Sometimes she would come over to my place after school because she loves my mum’s biryani. But recently she started to avoid me and says she’s busy. Once she told me she couldn’t come to the chip shop at lunch because she had an important essay to do, but I saw her sitting near the library typing away on her phone. I know she is speaking to someone, but I don’t know why she doesn’t trust me enough to tell me!



Super Sister Says:

Your friend may be going through a difficult patch in her life. She is still your sister and you need to look out for her. Our sisters go through ups and downs, and we need to accept that there will be good and bad times.

She may not want to speak to you about something going on at home, because she feels protective over her private issues and doesn’t want you to worry. Or it could be that she’s ashamed of something she is involved in.

Whether we like it or not, young people are exposed to horrible people online who may try and take advantage of them. These could be grown men wanting to be inappropriate with young women, or recruiters trying to get young people to join their cause. Hopefully your friend isn’t in this situation, but do not rule it out.

Ask her if you can have a serious chat during lunchtime. If she agrees, ask her if she’s okay and remind her you’re there to support her. These difficult conversations are very important.

If she doesn’t want to talk, or she’s being vague, then it’s worth speaking to a teacher or social worker to see if your worries are justified. If she gives you details which are concerning, it’s important that an older person steps in before she does something she regrets – and this is the best way to save your friendship.

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